Incorporate Job Fairs into Your Job Search Strategies

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesJob fairs can be an important part of your job search strategies. You won’t likely get an actual job offer at a fair, but you can use this opportunity to get in front of people who make decisions at a number of companies. If you can get the recruiter to match a name with a face, you may increase your chances of getting an interview when you submit an application.

Be Prepared

Don’t walk into the job fair without doing your research. You can find out which companies are going to be at the fair beforehand. Spend your time looking at the history of the company, investigating the company’s future plans, and finding potential opportunities for you within the company. You want to be able to have an informed conversation with the recruiter; you also want to recruiter to know that you are interested in his/her organization. Ask intelligent questions about how you might be able to contribute to the firm as well.

Be Ready to Write

Bringing your CV or resume to the job fair is important, but you should make sure that you have paper and a writing utensil – or a smart phone – which you can use to take notes. You hopefully will be learning data about several different companies and you want to keep the information straight and organized. Take notes; it shows your interest and you can refer to your notes when you are applying in the future.

Have Your Elevator Speech Ready

Practice your short introduction that you will use with the recruiter at the job fair. You want to highlight your strong points and why the company should be interested in you. You also want to incorporate a question related to the company specifically into your speech.

Be Assertive

You have to be ready to introduce yourself to the hiring managers and ready to offer a strong handshake. Don’t be shy or you won’t have anyone to talk to. Give eye contact and speak clearly and firmly. This is your first impression for the company so put your best foot forward.

Talk to Other Job Seekers

Other job seekers at the job fair can be a wealth of information for you as well. Each person may get slightly different information from the recruiter; you may be able to use these tidbits in your job search. Other job searchers may also be able to provide job leads both associated with the job or just in general.

Thank You Notes

Get the contact information from each recruiter that you speak to at the job fair. Within 24 hours, you should send a thank you note expressing your interest, your qualifications, and establishing a timeline for further communications. Make sure each note is targeted and specific to the company; this is a bridge to further communications with the organization.

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