Job Search Advice: Best Cities for Young Professionals

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceWhen looking for a new job, young people often look for cities that have activities that cater to them as young single people as well as plenty of other single young people to socialize with.  Important job search advice for these seekers is to look for positions in places that are good for young professionals. Here are some cities to consider.


Seattle is a technologically savvy city with many opportunities in high-tech jobs. The unemployment rate in December 2012 was 6.7% which is lower than the national average. According to timeRAZOR, college graduates have a median salary of $53,185 and the percentage of young people in the city is 15.9. Seattle ranks number one among cities for Generation Y, according to PayScale. The city itself is also a green and environmentally conscious area which may also appeal to the younger set. The social scene and number of restaurants, bars, and other activities for young professionals in this town make this a good place to start your job search.


Houston has experienced a significant amount of growth in the past few years which makes it a good place to look for employment. The December 2012 unemployment rate was 6.0% — lower than the US rate. The median salary for someone with 5-9 years of experience was $63,250. Houston ranks in the top 20 for “Happiest Cities for Young Professionals”; Houston also ranks number 2 in the best cities for Generation Yers (ages 18-29). With a large melting pot culture and many entertainment opportunities, Houston may be a good place for young professionals to evaluate.

New York

Although the unemployment rate is slightly higher (8.5%) than the national rate, this is considered another fun spot for young professionals. According to timeRAZOR, the median salary for college grads is $54,987. New York also makes it onto the list of top cities for Gen Y at number 7; the median salary for a member of Gen Y is $46,900. In the future, New York will also be leading the way in tech opportunities with the development of the new tech campus on Roosevelt Island. Socially, there is little that you cannot find in New York with an incredible number of restaurants, shows, clubs, sports teams, and other activities.


While the unemployment rate in Atlanta is not the best (8.4% as of December 2012), this city is still a hotspot for young professionals. Around 36% of young adults in Atlanta are college educated when compared with 30% in the rest of the country; many 25-34 year olds are moving to the city from other parts of the country. The average salary for those who have five to nine years of experience is $58,808; this city also made it on the list of good cities for Gen Y members. Atlanta is also home to professional sports teams, a vibrant night scene, and all types of music and entertainment.

There are many factors to selecting a city to live in but when you are young, you may be able select a job in a fun city and enjoy yourself! For more job search tips, sign up for our today.

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