Job Search Advice for Career Alternatives in Various Professions

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceThe Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that young baby boomers – born from 1957-1964 – had an average of 11 jobs between the ages of 18 and 44. This makes sense since many people change careers several times during their lifetimes. Surprisingly, many professionals are looking to change their careers – even after spending a significant amount of time training for them; these professionals often need job search advice to find alternative careers.

Other Careers for Attorneys

Getting a law degree does not guarantee that you will be happy with your job. In the US, around 40% of lawyers want to change jobs and 40,000 leave the profession each year. What else can a lawyer do if they change jobs? An attorney could become a speech writer, compliance officer, or a paralegal course instructor. Other career options that may allow you to use some of your legal skills include education administration, banking, legal writing, consulting, and of course politics.

Alternative Choices for Physicians

According to a survey by Jackson Healthcare, 34% of physicians will leave the profession in the next 10 years. Some physicians are bored, stressed, or want to spend more time with family. Some career choices for physicians that will allow them to use many of their hard-earned skills include medical writer, medical director at a pharmaceutical or medical device company, consultant, online education director, or hospital executive. Many doctors are starting their own businesses with different medical services or devices as well.

Career Options for Teachers

One-third of new teachers leave the profession during the first three years of teaching and even more leave in urban areas. Teachers have significant pressure while at their jobs and many eventually get burned out. But there are other options for the teacher like writing, career counseling, online tutor, or curriculum consultant. If you are a finance teacher, starting a business in finance is an alternative; foreign language teachers can become translators. You should examine your specialty and interests to find career options for you.

Choices for Architects 

The American Institute of Architects estimates that only 30% of students entering architectural programs become licensed architects even though 60% completed their degrees. After five years, only 67% of architecture interns will still be in traditional architectural employment settings. While the job prospects for architects are expected to increase 20% between 2010 and 2020, there are other choices if you are looking for something else. Other options for architects include construction manager, graphic designes, urban planner, and interior designer.

Although it may seem scary, it is possible to change careers. For more tips on career changes, you should sign up for our today.

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