Job Search Advice for New Grads: Avoid These Mistakes

February 6, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - job search adviceNew college graduates often feel a lot of pressure during their job search. You have just spent time and money gathering all of this knowledge then you go out into the job market and find that employers are not lining up to hire you as you expected. New grads often can use some job search advice because they may have adopted some bad habits.

Can Only Work in My Major

Now that you are out of school, you should think about what you want to do. Although you may have majored in one subject area, it is not written in stone that you have to take a job in that major. You may find a position that tangentially relates to your major or you may find a job that is based on some of your other interests. Select jobs by their description and not the name of the position.

My College Reputation Will Get Me a Job

One of the benefits of attending a prestigious college is the reputation and the perks that the reputation may bring. While your college choice may get your resume noticed or get you an interview, college name alone will not get you a job. Some people believe that they don’t have to work to impress during the interview because the interviewer will see the college name and be in awe. It generally does not work that way; you still have to sell yourself during the interview process if you want the job.

Job Boards Alone Will Do the Trick

Some new grads think that job boards will make it easy for recruiters to find you. All you have to do is place your resume on as many sites as possible and the job offers will come. Unfortunately, you need to utilize every method in your job search arsenal. This includes networking and social media as well as job boards.

 I Will Go to Grad School If I Don’t Find a Job Soon

Graduate school is a wonderful step if you need the education or certification for advancement in your career. However, going to grad school can be a misstep if you choose to attend just because you can’t find a job. If the degree or coursework you are taking does not further your goals, you will have just added additional debt with minimal reward. Also, employers may consider you overqualified for a position because you have too many letters behind your name; they may also be concerned that you will request a high salary because of the degrees.

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