Start a Job Club if You Need Help Finding a Job

Get Hired Fast - need help finding a jobFinding a job can be a very isolating experience but you don’t have to go it alone. Start a job club if you need help finding a job; these are also known as networking clubs or job-finding clubs. A job club can increase your networking opportunities and may direct you towards some unadvertised opportunities.

What Is a Job Club?

A job club is a group of people – at least 8 to 10 – who are all looking for employment. This does not mean the members have to be all without a job; some member could be employed but considering other opportunities. You can set the club up with whatever rules you want. You can select the type of members – from homemakers looking to join the work force to people who all lost their jobs from the same company – it does not have to be rigid at all. The main goals are to help network and to offer support to other job seekers.

Invite Members

Once you set up your job club, you can increase your membership by inviting other people to join. You can place an ad to let people know your job club is up and running. Having clear goals will allow potential members to decide if your job club is a good place for them to continue their job hunt. Diversity is a good idea because it opens up wider avenues for your job searches.

Establish Regular Meetings

Since a job hunt is like a full-time job for most people, you want to get your members to dedicate some time each week to the club for a meeting. You can meet at members’ homes or you can check with the local library or other meeting places if your group is too large for your home. You can also have refreshments – potluck or members can take turns hosting.

During the meeting, you can set time aside for a think tank period or support sessions. Everyone should bring their progress notes or notebook to each meeting to let the other members know how the job search is going. It is important to track your progress and offer support when a person hits a wall. At the end, each member should restate their goals for the next week.

What if you can’t meet each week? Some job clubs utilize other technology like email, video conferencing, or phone calls. Do what works best for you and your club.

Invite Experts to Speak

Another benefit of a job club is having speakers to offer advice. Perhaps a member of the chamber of commerce may be interested in speaking or a career coach may come to the meeting to offer consultations. Ask your club who they would be interested in hearing from; many business leaders may be willing to offer their time.

A job club may be a useful additional component for your search. For more information about job clubs and networking, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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