Tips to Help Me Find a Job at a Hot Startup Company

February 22, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - help me find a jobStartup companies are hiring but getting noticed and hired by a hot startup requires slightly different skills than with a traditional corporation. Here are some tips you can use when you ask how to help me find a job with one of these companies.

Social Media Is Your Friend

You have to learn a lot of information about any company that you are interested in working for; following them on LinkedIn or Twitter may give you insights, but may not get you noticed. For a startup, the strategy may have a different purpose. You need to research everything about the company and then get in their faces (politely of course).

Since startups are small organizations, if you follow a startup on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, they will notice you. Once you get their attention, engage and show that you know things – both about their company and the industry in general. You may be able to expand this interaction into an interview or meeting.

Show Your Love

Although it can be incredibly rewarding, working for a startup requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. You have to love what you do to succeed at one of these companies. Make sure you love the company and show the owners and employees that love. You have to be passionate about the goals of the company. Sending in your information even if there is no open position advertised or volunteering to work for the company on a trial basis can demonstrate your passion.

Tweak Your Skills

As a startup employee, you will wear many hats; there generally are not a lot of bodies working at first. Your job may not have a rigid skill set so you may find yourself contributing in whichever arena is needed at the time. To make yourself appear more attractive, you need to show willingness and ability to handle other areas like marketing, website analytics, email marketing, writing, social media, and search engine optimization. You may even have to run errands or make coffee – make it clear that you are willing to chip in!

Be Inventive to get the Interview

Getting the interview will require some initiative and invention. Online “stalking” can be helpful in this regard, but you may have to extend your efforts to offline as well. If there is a meeting or seminar where members of the company will be speaking, attend. Create PowerPoint presentations or make mock business points addressing a specific issue that company faces. Sending an email directly to the CEO of the company or making your resume stand out from the crowd with images or charts can also get you an interview. Think of the company culture and try to find a tactic that embraces that.

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