Unexpected Things to Include on My Resume to Help Me Get a Job

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobResume can be very straight-forward and unexciting documents and you probably have been told to keep yours very short and bland. However, if you want your resume to be noticed, you may want to include some information that you may have been warned against in the past; adding this information is possible while keeping the resume to two pages or less. It may make you nervous, but you have to remember that this may help you get a job.

Plenty of Detail

Since you are probably trying to keep the length of your resume down, you may find yourself skimping on the details about your past positions. Hiring managers need actual details and examples about what you achieved at your previous jobs; a mere job description does not tell a recruiter why you are qualified for this position. Give concrete examples of issues you solved, projects you led, or other details that will emphasize your skills and your fitness for the job you are applying for.

Awards and Recognitions

Awards and recognitions sections in resume have taken a hit recently. Many people don’t include this section any more to save space. However, that may be the wrong move. This section could be an opportunity for you to brag a bit about your accomplishments; it also verified to your future employer that you are actually talented and skilled in your chosen area. Awards related to the job you are applying to can be especially beneficial but high awards in other areas emphasize your drive and ambition as well.

Outside Activities

While including every outside project that you are involved in may clutter your resume, sometimes including this information will pique the recruiter interest. If you are involved in an outside project or volunteer work that may be related to the position that you are applying for, list it because this may give the recruiter more insight into you. These outside projects show your interest in the topic and that you are willing to work to improve your skill in the area.


Including information about time you have spent abroad for school, volunteer work, or jobs also gives potential employers additional information about you. This will tell the employers that you are adventurous, independent, and willing to work outside your comfort zone.

Nontraditional Resume Info

Bringing your resume into the current technology age can also make your application stand out. A link to a video resume takes up little space on the page but gives you the opportunity to show the recruiter things that may be difficult to demonstrate on the page – ambition, communication skills, and personality. You can also include a matrix bar code (quick response code) on your resume linking to a profile or phone number. Both of these items show your comfort with technology and that you think outside of the box a bit.

For most positions, a hiring recruiter will get a number of applications. Including some of these less-traditional elements may get your application noticed and increase your odds of getting the interview and the job. For more resume tips, sign up for our GetHiredBootCamp.com today.

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