Help Me Find a Job: 4 Questions to Ask About a New Career before Making the Jump

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobMost people at some point consider leaving their current jobs; some of these people decide to embark on a new career altogether. While the prospect of changing careers can be exciting, it should not be a quick decision. There are several questions that you should ask yourself about a new career if you want to understand, “What can help me find a job?”

What Is the Job Outlook?

This is a very important consideration if you are interested in a new career. Is your new industry a growth industry or is it stagnant or decreasing?  Knowing whether there are many potential jobs available or if there are very few positions that come open every few years should be part of your decision making process. You want to make sure the industry you are trying to enter has room for you – or at least be prepared if there are not many positions available.

Do I Have or can I Get the Qualifications?

It may sound great to dream about being a physician after years as a secretary. However, it would take some work to become a physician if that was your passion; you would not be able to just apply! If you want to change to a different industry or career, you need to be aware of what training and credentials would be necessary for you to achieve your dream. Is it possible for you to do what you need to do to qualify for your new job?

While you can go back and get additional education or certifications, be realistic when making this determination. No matter how much you want it, if you are 5’0” tall and 40 years old, it is unlikely you will be able to be a high fashion runway model.

How do People in the Industry Feel about their Jobs?

Ask people who already work in the industry about the environment. Is it a rigid type of environment or more relaxed? Find out if it is the type of atmosphere that you would thrive in. Are the employees happy with their job choice or are they looking to leave the industry as well? If everyone is looking for another career, it may not be the best idea to make the leap right then.

What is the Pay Scale?

If you have specific salary requirements, you want to find out if the job that you are interested in offers enough money to meet your needs. What is the top salary in the new industry? Do you have to have years of experience to achieve a higher salary? Is there room for commissions or bonuses in the new industry? While we say that money is not the most important factor, it definitely does make a difference.

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