Help Me Get a Job: What Are Some Core Career Competencies for the 21st Century?

March 25, 2013

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobA number of people are looking for a job now and most people who are employed today will be looking for a new job at some point in the future. It is important for all of these people to consider the career competencies that might be needed to get jobs in this century. Your mastery and grasp of these competencies may “help me get a job” – no matter the industry.

Technology Skills

In the information age, almost everyone needs to have some technology skills. Many jobs directly deal with technology like business intelligence analyst with an average salary of $79,930 or lead applications developer with a median salary of $90,530. However, you may find yourself having to deal with IT in other arenas like health care, marketing, industry, and the airlines. Having at least a baseline understanding of computers and how they work will put you in good stead. Even if you want to major in liberal arts while in college, you should take a few math, science, technology, or computer courses.

Analytical Skills

Critical thinking is an important workplace skill for jobs in the present environment. You need to be able to think and discern important information from the vast amounts of data that will come your way every day. You also have to be able to solve problems with this information in ways that benefit your employer. Positions that utilize critical thinking skills include judges (median salary $91,880/year), doctors (median salary $166,400), sports coaches (median salary $28,340), and mathematicians (median salary $99,380).

Communication Skills

To succeed in the 21st century, you need to be able to communicate – both in written forms and face-to-face. Much communication is done through email, instant messaging, and text; however, if you are not able to communicate with your colleagues or boss verbally, your ability to advance as an employee will be severely limited. Positions that require excellent communication skills include accountants (median salary of $61,690), physical therapists (median salary of $76,310), and pharmacists (median salary of $111,570).


Because the work environment is so much more volatile than in the past, you have to be able to adapt to move forward as an employee. Most people’s career paths are not direct journeys and may require adjustments and shifts as they go. You have to be able to deal with whatever the situation is that is in front of you – whether it is in your specific job or your overall career. Some careers that require a sense of flexibility are public relations (median salary of $57,550), marketing managers (median salary of $108,260), and journalism (median salary of $36,000). However, most careers have unexpected situations to deal with that would require some flexibility.


Creativity is not necessarily only for people involved in the arts. Business people need to have some creativity to come up with different ways to deal with problems; however, using creativity to figure out how to best use your employees and resources or the best business strategies is another important factor for employees in the 21st century. Jobs that employ creativity include multimedia artists and animators (median salary of $58,510), art directors (median salary of $80,630), and fashion designers (median salary of $64,530). People who work with IT can also utilize creativity in their jobs as well.

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