How to Fail Your LinkedIn Job Search

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchIf you only use one social media website for your job search, the best one to try is LinkedIn. You can expand your contact list and find out about jobs that you may not have known about before. However, even with the benefits of a Linkedin job search, it is possible to fail to find a job and possibly cause some damage to your professional persona. Here are some ways to fail at using LinkedIn.

Not Creating a Professional Profile

Remember, your LinkedIn profile is a professional introduction to potential employers and colleagues. You should spend time crafting a profile that sends out the right message. For instance, your summary statement should tell the people who look at it about your skills and work ethic. Don’t be cutesy or fluffy during your summary; people won’t take you seriously.

You also need to complete the entire profile. Having an incomplete profile just suggests that you won’t take the time to complete your information or are too unorganized to finish a task. Neither of those speaks well about your professionalism. Make your profile as complete and professional as possible.

Not Appropriately Managing Recommendations

Recommendations can be very useful for a potential employer, but your recommendations can overwhelm your profile if you don’t maintain some discipline. While it may be possible to get recommendations from a number of people on your connection list, after a while, the recommendations lose their punch – especially if they come from people that don’t have a direct working relationship with you.

Be selective about which recommendations you display on your profile; pick those that demonstrate a specific attribute about you or your skills.

You did not Make it Searchable

SEO is the big buzzword in search terms. While it is important to use the right words to get picked up by Google or Bing, it is equally important to use the appropriate search terms in your profile so recruiters and managers can find your information during a search. If no one can find you, you might as well not be there! You need to research keywords for your industry of interest or that prospective employers use and get them into your profile.

No One Can Contact You

Some people limit what people can contact them on LinkedIn. You can have the most professional and searchable profile on LinkedIn, but if your contact settings don’t allow people to get in touch with you, it’s all pretty fruitless. You can adjust your contact settings to be able to get invitations, InMails, or introductions; you want to be able to receive contacts from anyone who might be interested in speaking with you.

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