How to Job Search While Employed

March 21, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - how to job searchMany career experts recommend that you look for a new position while you are still employed. This gives you some leeway to find the job you want without the desperation of needing a job. However, you do need to conduct your job search on a way that does not put your current position at risk. Here are some tips about how to job search while you have a job.

Professionalism Is Key

You should show respect for your current employer during your new job search by behaving professionally. Continue to work hard at your job even though you are looking for another one. Badmouthing your boss is another no-no; you want to demonstrate class during your job search.

Discretion Is Necessary at Work

Don’t tell anyone at work about your job search; you don’t want to alert your boss to your search before it is necessary. You also should not use your work computer, email, or phones for job search purposes; many companies track the usage of work equipment. Keep information about your search off of social media sites as well.

Confidentiality by Prospective Employers

Ask the potential employers that you interview with to keep your search confidential. You want to be in control of when your current boss finds out – if he or she ever does.

Manage Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is important to your undercover job search. You should update your profile without specifically saying that you are looking for a new job. Just updating often gets recruiters to look at your credentials but it does not look like you are out looking for anything else.

Find Other References

You can’t use your current supervisors, colleagues, or employers as references for your new job. If you have not told anyone that you are actively looking for a new job and the prospective employer then contacts them for a reference, it may get ugly.

Schedule Interviews In Off Hours

Since you want to maintain productivity at your current job, you need to avoid scheduling interviews during work hours. You can schedule meetings and informative talks before work; if you can, you can try to fit something in during your lunch hour. Don’t dress differently than normal if you have an interview; have a separate set of clothes that you can change into for the prospective meeting.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

If your boss does get wind of your job search, you need to be honest. Honesty shows respect to your boss and may allow you to salvage your relationship. Also if your job search falls through, you don’t want to get in a situation where your current boss is looking for reasons to fire you.

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