How to Job Search with Online Job Sites

March 22, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - how to job searchWhile networking is a very important component to your job search, online job sites can be very useful. It is easy to get drawn into relying too much on online sites for job search help but there are ways to better use these sites to get good results. Understanding how to job search in the best way with online sites may allow you to get a new job faster.

Start with the Job Aggregators

While you should limit your job search time online to 10% of your entire search time, you still should make use of the job aggregator sites. These sites will search through all of the jobs at one time and give you a number of results from online, newspapers, recruiter sites, and company job boards. Some of the best aggregator sites are,, and

Set Up Alerts

Because the aggregators pull up jobs from all over the Internet, you are likely to get duplicates. You want to be as specific as possible to limit the number of results. Job alerts allow you to specify what type of jobs you are looking for; you may also be able to limit your search by salary, degree requirements, and location to increase the odds that you receive job results that apply to you.

Find Niche Job Sites

Using a niche site may direct you to jobs specific to your industry. For technology, gives you technology jobs but it also has articles about the industry and discussion forums where you can communicate with others in your arena. Health Callings focuses on healthcare jobs and eFinancial Careers lists positions in the banking and finance areas.

Use Online Job Communities

Some job boards go beyond the static discussion forums and have a more social media feel. For example, Glassdoor allows you to look for jobs and give you an inside look at other companies that you may want to work for. Many of the job boards are incorporating active communities; you can speak with other people in your industry and get advice.

Consider Craigslist

Jobs listed on Craigslist do not appear in the job aggregator boards. However, Craigslist lists many entry level jobs and organizes them by city or state. As always, use caution when answering ads on Craigslist because the ads are not strictly screened before posting.

Remember online job search should only be a small fraction of your overall job search. For more tips, sign up for our today.

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