Job Search Advice for Veterans: Best Job Options

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceFinding a job after completing military service can be challenging. The government and a number of companies are working together to help vets find employment but vets may have a difficult time determining the best way to utilize the skills they learned in the military. CareerCast has listed the best career paths for military vets.

Software Developers

The Armed Forces use a lot of information technology; recent vets tend to have significant experience that can translate to the private sector. With some training, this experience can be vital to a corporation. The median pay for software developers is $90,530 per year, according to the BLS. This career is expected to grow by 30% over the next few years; there will be numerous opportunities in this industry for veterans to take advantage of.

Training and Development Managers

Members of the Armed Forces have to be able to handle a crisis and solve problems. These qualities are helpful in the corporate environment especially in this position and the time in the military can be valuable work experience. Training and development managers have a median pay of $89,170; this career is expected to grow around 15% through 2020.

Industrial Production Manager

People in this position oversee the daily management of manufacturing companies; this is a skill that meshes with many of the duties that veterans used while serving. The median salary for this position is $87,160; however, the job outlook over the next few years is lower than normal with expected growth of just 8%.

Construction Program Manager

As the economy slowly improves, there has been an increased demand for construction and therefore there is more need for construction program managers to oversee the projects. Construction program managers make an average of $83,860 each year and there is about 17% expected growth in available positions in the upcoming years.

Ship Engineer

In this position, veterans get the opportunity to continue working with the Armed Forces as they build, design, and maintain ships like aircraft carriers, submarines, and tankers. The average salary for this position is $79,920; the number of positions in this field is expected to grow at around 17% until 2020.

Administrative Services Manager

Since this position requires coordination between different groups and businesses, it is a very good fit for former military personnel. Administrative services managers average $77,890 per year. The BLs expects that this position will have 15% growth until 2020.

Veterans have many skills that can be transferred to the corporate world. For more tips on getting a job as a veteran, you can sign up for our today.

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