Job Search Strategies: The Best Jobs for Women

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesWith the New Year, many people are looking for new jobs. A survey by Right Management in November 2012 found that 86% of people polled planned to look for a new job in 2013. A significant number of those people want to change career paths altogether. Women are leading the charge for new positions. For example, around 41% of women who go back to get their MBA mid-career are looking to change careers. If you are a woman looking for a new job, here are some of the best positions for women in 2013, according to Forbes. You can incorporate this information into your job search strategies.

Diagnosing Medical Doctor

For women, the best opportunity for job satisfaction is as a diagnosing medical doctor; this category includes physicians, optometrists, and dentists. Sixty percent of women in these roles are very satisfied with their jobs, according to the National Survey of College Graduates. The average salary for this category is $121,000 per year. With an average of almost 80,000 new openings each year and an expected growth of 27% through the year 2020, women with the right training can find an opportunity in this area.

Health Professionals

Other health professionals like registered nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists also have high career satisfaction for women. A little more than half (52%) of women in these positions do report high satisfaction with their jobs. The average salary is $70,000 and the job growth is expected to be 26% through 2020. This area also offers significant job security.

Lawyers and Judges

Another field that appears to offer job security and job satisfaction for women is the legal profession. Female lawyers and judges report high job satisfaction with 55% reporting being happy with their jobs. The average salary for these positions is $112,000. The job growth in this arena is not quite as high as other positions on this list (10%), but there are still numerous opportunities for women interested in entering this field.


Actuaries use math and statistics to assess risk and uncertainty. Women also find this job very satisfying with 56% of women noting happiness in their position. The median salary is $91,000 for actuaries. With an average of 2000 new job positions each year and an expected job growth of 275 through 2020, there are going to be quite a few opportunities for women to enter this field over the next few years.

When thinking about job satisfaction, according to a survey by SHRM, women list the opportunity to utilize skills, compensation, job security, and communication as very important to their feelings about their career. When looking for a new position, it is important to take these characteristics of any job that you are investigating into consideration.

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