Jobs Has a New Look

March 12, 2013

Job Hunt, Networking, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - currently plays a large role in the job search strategies for almost every searcher. The website has been undergoing changes to improve the user experience; one of these upgrades is in the jobs search function. These changes make it easier to look for your dream job.

Advanced Search

The new advanced job search feature allows you to narrow down your job search criteria. You can look for a job by industry, country, position, and zip code. There are also more options – for example, you can also add experience level as a job search criteria as well. If you have a premium account, you can add salary as an additional search parameter. Premium members also get additional tips that may help throughout the process. These choices allow you to narrow down quickly to jobs that might most suit you.

Jobs you may be Interested In

This section identifies open positions according to your LinkedIn profile including experience, interests, and current location. You can filter these results to look for more recent postings or arrange them by location. There is also a “See More” option which will show you more available jobs; you can then apply the filters to the entire section. You can get daily or weekly email alerts for these new jobs; you can also select no alerts at all.

Opportunities where you may have Contacts

This section is right below the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” and contains job information about positions at companies where you have a connection. Clicking on the listing takes you to the company’s LinkedIn page where you can look at your connections at the company and determine if you can get a referral. Since networking is an important part of any job search, this feature identifies potential networking opportunities that you may not have known about.

Job Tracking

Saved jobs are easier to track with the new layout. Any saved jobs can be accessed from the side of the page and new jobs are automatically added to any saved searches you have. This feature helps you keep your jobs organized.

The look of jobs has significantly changed and hopefully is easier to use with the additional features. If you want more information on using, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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