People with Disabilities May Need Help Finding a Job

March 20, 2013

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - need help finding a jobPeople with disabilities can have additional challenges beyond the challenging job market. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is 13.7% while it is 8.3% for people without disabilities in January 2013. Many employers may view a disability as a burden instead of a potential asset; however, there are many employers who recognize the benefits and skills that these people may bring to the table. Here are some tips if you need help finding a job.

Use Your State Employment Agency

Every state in the United States and Puerto Rico has a vocational rehabilitation agency that contains a list of job openings. These agencies also have connections with companies that look to hire people with disabilities. Agencies may also be able to offer training or assistive technologies to help you with any job you get.

Look for Disability-Specific Jobs Boards

Certain companies work hard to hire people with disabilities; these jobs may be posted on job boards. Look on some of the big job boards for sections devoted to recruiting people with disabilities. Other boards like or Hire Disability Solutions focus on job postings for people with disabilities. You can use these resources to help you find a job.

Work for the Public Sector

The government is actively trying to increase employment among the disabled so there may be more luck finding a position within a governmental agency. The government is also requiring contractors and subcontractors to open employment for people with disabilities including disabled veterans. The Office of Personnel Management has listings and other resources.

Investigate Companies Beforehand

You can find out about companies who look to hire people with disabilities and use that information to target your job search. Diversity Inc. issues a list of the top 10 companies for people with disabilities each year; these companies have disability-focused hiring and encourage disability-centered networking groups. The National Business and Disability Council also has a job database. Even if you don’t find the job on one of these listings, you can still call the company for an interview if you have a disability and are qualified for the position.

Consider Online Job Fairs

Organizations may hold online job fairs that are targeted to people with disabilities. These online job fairs may be useful because you may have a little more leeway in describing your skills without having to describe your disability up front. You have the chance to sell the employer on you and your skills without the disability getting in the way. Think Beyond the Label is holding several online business fairs in 2013.

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