Recent Graduates: Getting Started on Your LinkedIn Job Search

March 5, 2013

Job Hunt, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchAs a new graduate, your first job searches may seem overwhelming. Today, a LinkedIn job search is a vital part of a healthy job search. Many companies and recruiters use LinkedIn as a screening procedure to find potential employees; you can’t really look for a job without utilizing this valuable site. As a new grad, there are a few tips for creating your profile and managing yourself on the site.

Complete Your Profile

Incomplete profiles leave opportunities on the table. If potential employers don’t get a full picture of you and your skills, they won’t contact you for an interview. Include a picture – profiles with pictures get more looks. Make sure it is a professional picture; don’t use that picture of you on your senior spring break!

Get Recommendations and Endorsements

Reach out to people who you have worked with or that you know on LinkedIn to get recommendations or endorsements about your skills. These tell potential employers what people who know you think about you and your abilities. Try to get these comments from people who know you because that carries more weight and is considered to be a part of a well-rounded profile.

Find Some Groups

When you first join LinkedIn, you should look for groups of interest to join. There are groups that cover any number of topics – from networking to skiing to acting. Join a few and get active by reading the discussions and making comments. You can also look for job positions in your groups all the while making important connections within the groups.

Don’t Be Obvious

While many people on LinkedIn are looking for a new job, you don’t want to appear desperate. For some hiring managers, appearing not to need a job is more attractive. Show your skills, interests, and expertise but don’t look like you will take any job that comes along.

Don’t Spam

LinkedIn is a good way to get exposure to projects or causes that you are interested in. However, you have to be careful about your tactics. Sending out bulk email or posting a link in every group does not necessarily get everyone to look at your information. This spamming might upset others and they may be wary of looking at anything you suggest because your new-found reputation. One-on-one communications or comments in a group setting that fit into the flow of the current conversation are a better way to go.

Connect Only with People You Know

When you first join LinkedIn, it may be tempting to get as many connections as possible all at once. However, having a strategy about your connections may serve you better in the long run. You want to connect with people you know who are on LinkedIn so you can then branch out and look for people in your network of contacts or in any groups you have joined. Shot gunning invitations to people that you don’t know won’t help and may get you in trouble.

Don’t Overshare

While LinkedIn is a form of social media, it has some different expectations and uses than the usual forms of social media. On Twitter or Facebook, it is okay to update your every move all day long. However, on LinkedIn, that may be frowned upon – unless you are making groundbreaking deals every hour at work. LinkedIn users might welcome update about work issues but unprofessional updates will only leave a bad impression.

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