Signs that Your Job Search Strategies Need a Lift

March 14, 2013

Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesWhile it is a tough job market, there are opportunities out there for qualified candidates. If you have been looking for a while but have not gotten many results, there may be a problem.  Here are some signs that it is time to evaluate your job search strategies to get better results.

Your Job Search Has Gone on for Over One Year

Job searches do take longer these days; however, if you have been looking for a new position for over one year, you have to think about the reasons. Are you actually utilizing your time effectively? Are you looking for the right kind of job that suits your skill set? If it is taking this long to find a new job, you need to figure out if there is something that you are doing to slow down your progress.

You aren’t Getting Interviews

If you are sending in a number of resumes and cover letters and not getting any interviews, you should review your paperwork. Is there something in your cover letter like a typo or other error that is putting off potential employers? Does your resume fail to clearly get your skills and experience across? You may have to make some changes to both.

You get the First Interview but no Call Backs

If you get one interview and never hear back again, it may be something in your interview style that is preventing any progress. Are you overly nervous or do you seem shy during the interview? You may need more interview practice or more preparation and study time before your interview.

Your Colleagues don’t want to Help

Usually friends want to help with your job search and networking. However, if all of your colleagues are avoiding your requests, it may be that they don’t feel comfortable giving you their seal of approval to their work colleagues. There may be questions about your work ethic, your competence, or your personality.  You should investigate to find out why and what you can do to rectify things.

You Only Search Online

If you spend your days looking for opportunities online but don’t get out of your home, you are not working your job search effectively. Networking is important during your job search. If you aren’t speaking to actual humans, you are limiting your opportunities to find a job.

You are Getting Desperate

Desperation leads to bad job search decisions – that may be inappropriate communications with employers to cheesy gifts to recruiters. You have to remain professional and avoid gimmicks. Stay calm and resist the urge to get too cutesy during your job search.

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