Twitter as a Part of Your Social Media Job Search

March 6, 2013

Job Hunt, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchSocial media has become a very important part of a job search strategy with LinkedIn leading the way. However, you can use other platforms as an effective part of your social media job search. Here are some tips to use Twitter to find a job.

Create a Professional Account

You should set up a professional Twitter account to manage your professional career and contacts. By doing this, you can keep your private and employment life separate. Tweets on this account should be professional and topical but you don’t want to troll your followers with frequent requests or pleas for employment. On this account, you can include a link to a profile page that showcases your accomplishments.

Follow People and Institutions of Interest

Search for people or institutions in your industry or industry of interest to follow; you can learn a lot about a profession by reading what other people tweet about. This is especially helpful if you are looking to enter a new industry – you can learn about the hot topics and issues in that area. As you follow people and interact, they may start to follow you in return. This opens the door to reaching out personally to specific people who may be able to help you in your job quest.

You can also click on the “Who to Follow” tab and find other people who are followed by the people you already follow. This expands your contact reach and may expose you to other people who may be interesting or helpful.

Contribute to Your Network

Just being an observer on Twitter may not get you much additional respect. You should tweet out articles or insights that you find interesting or though-provoking – as long as they are professional of course. This can help you get conversations started with other people and show that you are a serious thinker. You might want to steer clear of religion or sexual topics (and sometimes politics) because those tend to start tweet wars, which is not the type of atmosphere you need on your professional account.

Reach Out to Others

You can use Twitter in the same way that you use LinkedIn. If you come across someone that you have been exchanging tweets with that may be able to facilitate your job search, you can reach out to them privately to see if they would be willing to offer some guidance. You might contact someone who can get you to your dream job!

Surprisingly, people may not view Twitter as a useful tool in a job hunt; that would be a mistake. For more information on using social media to find a job, sign up for our today.

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