Using Facebook in Your Social Media Job Search

March 7, 2013

Networking, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchUtilizing all of the tools that are available to you can help you find a job but if you are not careful, social media can tank your job search. One example is Facebook which can open doors for you but can put information in the public domain that you may not want future employers to see. Many employers are now looking online to learn more about candidates; you need to be careful when using Facebook in your social media job search.

Privacy Levels

Facebook does give you the opportunity to manage what can be posted on your page and who can see the information. Under the privacy setting, you can choose to make your account public for everyone to see, visible only to people that you friend, or to no one at all. You need to decide if you want someone to be able to Google your information or not. The rules for privacy on Facebook change fairly regularly and if you make a specific change for one post, it may not revert back to your default setting. You need to review your settings often to make sure.

Keep Your Updates Clean

While it may feel cathartic to have a mope or gripe session on Facebook about your boss, your job, or someone you know, remember that depending on your privacy settings, other people may see it. Your boss may see your complaints and take it personally; someone may get the wrong impression of you and decide that you may be a troublemaker. Monitor what you say on Facebook and make sure you would not mind anyone seeing it.

Be Careful Who You Friend

There are two sides to this rule. If your friends post inappropriate comments that appear on your timeline regularly, you may have to give the issue some consideration. Privacy settings can manage this situation or you can actually speak to the offending friend. Explain that you are in the process of looking for a job and those posts may be off-putting for an employer.

On the other hand, you also don’t want to friend someone that you would not like knowing the personal details of your life. If you don’t want your future boss knowing about your dating life or trips that you are taking, you may not want to friend him or her.

Scrub Your Photos

Photos on Facebook should be G-rated. Suggestive or raunchy photos have a way of sticking around and haunting you when you least expect it. You also don’t want to be tagged in questionable photos even if you are not in the picture itself. The goal is to not offend people who might want to hire you.

Using Facebook for your job search can be a great help but not if you don’t use some judgment. For more Facebook tips, sign up for the Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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