Utilizing Linkedin.com Jobs: Should You Get Endorsements or Recommendations?

Get Hired Fast - Linkedin.com jobsWhen using the LinkedIn.com jobs search feature, you are advised to get your profile in great shape; this includes recommendations and endorsements through the LinkedIn system. While recommendations have been around for quite a while, endorsements are a relatively new feature for this platform. What is the difference between the two and is one more useful than the other?

Recommendations: Friend or Foe?

Recommendations can help enhance your LinkedIn profile and give potential employers more insight about you from someone who knows you, right? These are visible testimonies of you in action by people who should know. You can get unsolicited recommendations, you can ask for a recommendation, or you can give one after someone else gives you a recommendation first. However, there are people who believe that a recommendation is not worth very much if you have given each other recommendations.

Endorsements: Do They Mean Anything?

Endorsements are LinkedIn’s version of Facebook’s “like.” This is an assessment of what your connections think about your skills and competencies and is easier to get than a recommendation. Since its introduction, the function has become very popular with hundreds of millions of endorsements given out.

However, some feel that they are too easy to give out and they have become worthless. All of your contacts – no matter how well you know them and whether they have any information about all of your skills – are asked to offer endorsements about you. It could devalue them a bit – or a lot.

A Combination of the Two May Be Best

Both recommendations and endorsements can be helpful in different ways. Most recruiters and hiring managers recognize that there may be some suspect reciprocal recommendations and that some of the endorsements are random. They take that into account and use this information as a part of the investigative process.

There are other ways that these features can be helpful in your job search on LinkedIn. Having more recommendations may make your profile easier to search. Recruiters can use the skills and expertise function to quickly search for candidates; endorsements in these areas can tell these recruiters what your connections and colleagues think about your skills.

Both of these are valuable to different audiences. You can get recommendations from people who have personally worked with you; these people can hopefully write powerful testaments about you. Endorsements are better for people who know about your skills but may not be able to offer deep insight into what you do. It is best to get both!

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