Where to Search for Jobs: New Careers After 50

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsLooking for a job after the age of 50 means that you might be different than it was when you were younger. This might be a second career or you might want to work fewer hours or at a career that is less stressful than your previous one. But while age discrimination may be a concern, you should utilize your vast work knowledge during your job search and use this knowledge to narrow down where to search for jobs. Here are some suggestions about potential jobs for people over 50 that may be of interest.

Medical Assistant

No matter what the economy looks like, the health care industry has continued to expand. One of the positions seeing a huge surge in hiring is medical assistant; this job is expected to grow by 31% by 2020. Medical assistants work with doctors and nurses by measuring vital signs and giving out medications. This job may also allow you to work part-time and may not be very stressful.

Career Coach

Since you have had a number of experiences and may have had several careers, you may be a good career coach. You can pass on your knowledge to people who are following in your footsteps. Age does offer respectability for your clients and encourages people to trust in what you are talking about. You will have to get certified to be a career coach but afterwards, you can control your hours and can do this job anywhere.

Assisted Living Workers

This job does not require as much hand-on assistance as a nursing home aide might; residents of an assisted living facility are generally able to take care of themselves. You may help with medications but you also may get to travel on field trips as well. Your age may also confer responsibility to the residents and may make them more comfortable. With the growth in this population and the increase in these types of facilities, there are more opportunities opening up.

Hospice Chaplain

This position is growing as well; this job would give you the opportunity to work with medical staff and offer comfort and solace at the end of a person’s life. This may have more significance as you get older and may be a fulfilling career option. Nursing homes, hospice providers, and hospitals may all offer this service.

Financial Advisor

This is another instance where being older may serve you well. You may have had significant experience managing money and may be able to give good advice to younger people. You may not take as many risks, but your clients may appreciate your steadiness. This is a flexible position where you can set your own hours and even work part-time if you want to. Certification may be needed for this position as well.

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