Your LinkedIn Job Search: Changes to Application Features

March 1, 2013

Job Hunt, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchOne of the most useful features of LinkedIn is the ability to display presentations and other items that can tell an employer about your accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile. However, LinkedIn has just replaced this feature with a media linking feature which they are rolling out gradually. What can you do if you are in the middle of a Linkedin job search right now? You may still be able to display your information until the capability is completely enabled.

Travel Updates

You can still post your travel itinerary to your Linkedin profile and still control which trips are for public view and private view. You can just link your LinkedIn profile with your TripIt profile.

Slide Sharing

One of the benefits of your Linkedin profile is the ability to show work presentations that demonstrate your skills. If you had already uploaded slide presentations to your profile, you have not lost them with the migration. Once you opt into the new LinkedIn profile style, your old presentations should appear in the Summary section of your profile. You should have received an invitation to opt in if you had been using the old SlideShare application, but if you did not you should contact LinkedIn.

If you want to upload a new slide show now, you can use the following applications: Prezi, Scribd, or SlideShare. As long as you have a public URL, you should be able to add it to your profile.


Showing your portfolio of work – be it art, writing, or video – is another benefit of using LinkedIn. Before the migration, you could upload your work with the Behance application. With the new migration, all old portfolios were automatically moved to the Summary section as well.

Other ways to add your information to your profile include Issuu, Kickstarter, or Quantcast.


You can make your own WordPress blog public on your LinkedIn profile by enabling the public setting from your dashboard. If you selfhost your own blog, you can post updates on your LinkedIn profile by using a plug-in from Jetpack.

Box Files

LinkedIn does not support this application any more so any files that you stored on LinkedIn using this application can only be accessed by going to the website. You can just reload that information through another application like SlideShare so you can show your portfolio off.

No matter what you want to add to your LinkedIn profile, it is still important to keep anything that you show on your LinkedIn profile professional. Don’t upload information that you don’t want potential employers to see. For more information on using your LinkedIn profile, sign up for our today.

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