Best Cities Where to Search for Jobs in IT

April 8, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsIf you are in IT and looking for a new position, you may wonder where to search for jobs. There are several cities or metro areas where you may have more luck than in others. Some of the areas on the list may surprise you.

St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is the home for a growing number of start-up technology companies – partly because of the St. Louis Information Technology Entrepreneur Network which helps entrepreneurs develop business plans, get seed money, and find mentors. Technology job openings have increased 25% over the past year in this city; salaries have increased 13% to around $81,000 a year as well, according to a survey by

Charlotte, NC

The oil and gas industry is growing in Charlotte which may not seem like a likely place to look for tech jobs.  However, there are several oil and gas companies in the city who have already increased their tech hiring by 25% over the past year – partly because of virgin gas deposits found in parts of the state. North Carolina has always been a hub for technology companies as well, but the new energy exploration, will probably increase technology hiring even more over the next few years.

Austin, TX

Austin is one of the few cities in the United States that has more jobs now than it did before the big recession of 2008-2009. The unemployment rate in Austin in January 2013 was 5.8% which is below the 7.7% national average. Part of the reason for this is the abundance of high tech jobs. Well-known companies like Dell and Motorola have offices in Austin, but there are a number of other tech companies (Silicon Hills of Austin) and tech start-ups (Austin Emerging 100) that are also contributing to the boom in technology jobs.

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix has had a growth in IT jobs of 13% over the past year. It also ranks fourth in tech salary growth with an average salary of $83,607, according to the survey. More tech companies are opening offices in places like Phoenix which offers a good quality of life and affordable cost of living.

Detroit, MI

Detroit has its share of issues, but the economy in the city is beginning to recover. Companies like Compuware moved from Chicago to Detroit almost 10 years ago and is also encouraging other tech start-ups in the area.  GE has also created 2300 R&D jobs since 2009, with a significant number right outside Detroit. The auto industry also needs technology expertise as well.

Silicon Valley in California remains a good option for technology jobs as does Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, and Philadelphia. If you are looking for good technology jobs, check out some of these cities.  If you want more information on looking for a tech job, sign up for our today.

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