Help Me Find a Job: How to Get the Job if You are Overqualified

April 19, 2013

Changing Careers

Help me get a jobExperience can sometimes be a bad thing – you may be given the label “overqualified” when you go out to look for a new position. Sometimes, you may be called overqualified as an oblique reference to your age or your pay grade. Neither of these things should be held against you, but unfortunately they may make it a little harder for you to get a job. If you make the request “help me find a job,” here are some tips to get the job if you are overqualified.

Let Someone Else Speak for You

If you use someone in your network to make the initial introduction in your job search, you can have that person put in a good word for you. Personal recommendations can often get managers to overlook questions they might have and take a chance to get to know you.

Skip the Job Titles and Look at Job Functions

Emphasizing job titles can bring attention to issues you may not want to point out – the amount of time you worked at one position or the salary level you had actually achieved. If you focus more on the skills and abilities that you used at your positions, you can show why you are a good fit for the job – previous job titles notwithstanding.

Clear the Decks about Money

After working at one position for a while, you may have moved up in salary level. This may put you out of the price range for many positions. Even if the lower pay for a new position does not matter to you, you will have to convince the recruiter that it doesn’t. Emphasizing your flexibility about salary can often help you get in the door.

Be In the Now

It is important to show that you are aware of and able to use new technologies. You should also demonstrate that you are aware of the new advances in your industry as well. This can help deflect questions about age and ability.

Get the Interview

You need to make sure that you get the interview. If you get in the door, you have the chance to sell yourself and your skills much better than through email. You can also suggest a more information meeting just so you get meet with the manager face-to-face and place your pitch.

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