Help Me Get a Job: Secrets to Finding Your Dream Job

April 18, 2013

Job Hunt, Networking

Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobEveryone wants to find that perfect job – their dream job. Often, we need to take a position that is less than ideal because of our circumstances. However, finding our dream job should always be a goal during a job search. Here are some tips that you can use to “help me get a job.”

Define Your Dream Job

What do you want to do every day? What are your interests or your passions?  Once you figure out what is important to you, you can determine what industries or jobs out there would allow you to follow your dreams. This will take some self-examination as well as research into different careers. Be honest about your interests; doing anything else could sell you short.

Can You Do Your Dream Job?

After you identify your dream job or jobs, you should think about whether you could actually do the job or not. Do you have the skills, experience, or personality to achieve your goals? If you are claustrophobic, it may be difficult to be an astronaut. If you barely passed high school math, it may be difficult to become an astrophysicist. However, just because you don’t have the qualifications right now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain some of them. If you want to get more education or experience so that you can get closer to your dream job, go for it.

Make Connections

Networking is so very important in almost all industries today. Connect with thought leaders on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Find a mentor or someone that can offer advice. Other people who have worked in your field can help you avoid some of their mistakes and lead you to other decision makers who may be able to get you a job or get your foot in the door.

Brand Your Name

What is your brand? Do you have a brand? You need to update your online reputation – when someone searches for you, what do they find? You may need to edit your online search results by increasing the number of favorable results that come up when you Google. You can improve your brand by becoming a subject-matter expert as well. You want people to think of you when they think about your chosen field.

Do You Need to Make Your Dream Job?

It is possible that you may have to create your dream job. The position may not exist. However, if you can serve an important need for a corporation or organization, you may be able to create your own dream job.


It will not be easy to find that dream position and it will take some time. You have to exhibit patience and fortitude in your dream job search. You will run into challenges but don’t give up. Keep trying to achieve your dreams.

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