How to Job Search: Dressing for Your Interview

April 25, 2013


Get Hired Fast - how to job searchPreparing for a job interview – and what you are going to say — is a hot topic for the job searcher. However, an often overlooked part of how to job search is how you look for the interview. Your appearance can play a key part in whether you get the job or not. When you select your interview attire and overall presence, you should keep these things in mind.

Take a Peek First

One way to make sure that you are dressed appropriately for a job interview is to get a sense of how people dress at that particular office. You can go on a scouting expedition by running an errand nearby and looking at the attire of the people who work there. Don’t do this on a Friday because it may be “Casual Friday” which would impact the dress code.

If you are unable to get a good sense from this project, you can use other sources like a local professional organization, employees on LinkedIn, or a quick phone call to the company itself.

Be Classic

No matter the industry, you should aim for classic and pulled-together during your interview. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a boring suit – a nice pencil skirt, well-tailored suit, or sheath dress is a classic outfit that may serve you well in any situation. Your pants should not fall below your heels; shirts should be right at your knee.

Your interview suit does not have to be black either – brighter colors can be worn in interview situations as well. If you decide to go with a non-traditional color, you can pair it with classic, well-cut pieces in a more traditional color of black, grey, or navy. Patterns can also be an option in moderation.

Consider Your Accessories

You can wear accessories other than pearls to your interview. Consider wearing one somewhat bold piece in conjunction with your other accessories. Avoid big earrings, cocktail rings, or bracelets. Wear comfortable shoes too; while sky high heels are the style, they are probably not appropriate for the interview session. The interviewer often takes you out to lunch – often someplace that you have to walk to. Super high heels may interfere with that.

Have a Seat

You have selected your interview outfit and it fits great! However, that should not be the last step. Put on your outfit and have a seat. Make sure that your shirt doesn’t gape open or drop too low; your skirt should not give your interviewer a surprise show. Guys can have issues too with pants that are too low and that show your bottom. Have a seat in different chairs – both high and low – and get a sense of how your outfit will fare.

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