Job Search Advice for Executives

Get Hired Fast - job search adviceIf you are back in the job hunt after holding an executive position, you may find that it is a different world out there. You may have to adjust your job search strategies and expectations in your new job quest. Here is some job search advice for executives.

Have a Personal Career Toolkit

As an executive, you may need more than just a cover letter and a standard resume. You may need other documents like a career biography, achievements summary, one-page networking resume, case studies, a list of presentations and publications, and your training and certifications. If you have any research or patents, you should gather the information about them as well. Don’t just dust them off from your previous job searches; update them and create a coherent message and strategy for the new position that you are looking for.

Learn to Utilize Online Options

If you want a new job in today’s environment, you have to embrace the new technology of today. Being active on social media like LinkedIn and Google+ may be necessary to get your brand out there but also to emphasize your flexibility and interest in keeping up with the times.

Social media may also open the doors to opportunities that you were not aware of. These online sites also give you chances to research new target companies where there may be opportunities.

Networking Is Still Important

This may be an area where you have an advantage. You have been in the workforce for a while and have made a number of important and useful contacts – use them now!  You have contacts that you can let know that you are in the market for another position through former positions, professional and networking associations, and government alumni groups.

Remember the Hidden Job Market

You can also take advantage of the hidden job market. When you are research potential employers and other warm leads, you should get a sense of where the issues with the company exist and formulate plans to impact those issues. You can then connect with one of the decision makers of the company – getting around the gatekeepers – on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, or Facebook. Using this contact, you may be able to get a meeting with one of the decision makers where you can sell yourself; you may be able to create a position where no position existed before!

The executive job search has some similar qualities to other job searches but as there are few jobs at the top, you have to be more aggressive in your search. If you want more information about your job search, sign up for our today.

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