Job Search Advice on How to Take Your Search Offline

April 16, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - job search adviceIs your job search mostly conducted online? A recent study found that job seekers of all ages are spending all of their time online while looking for a job which is not the best use of your job search time. Here is some job search advice to help you take your search offline; hopefully this will improve your odds of finding a job.

Research, Research, Research

Just because you are going to take your job search offline does not mean that your computer is totally off limits. You should use the computer to establish a baseline of information for your search. Research the companies that you are interested in; look for the names of hiring managers or available positions at specific companies. LinkedIn or specific company websites can be helpful with those tasks.

Go Meet People Face to Face

Once you find people of interest at the companies that you would like to connect with, you should find ways to meet them in the flesh. This could be a quick coffee with an employee at your preferred company or finding local networking events where you can interact with industry professionals. You can also join industry associations but you need to be active in your local chapter. You want to be visible and known to other people in your industry so you can use them as references or be around when potential opportunities open up.

Set Up Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are useful for recent graduates to learn more about different industries. However, informational interviews can be very good for people at all stages of their careers. Setting up a thirty-minute session with a hiring manager or expert in an industry can give you an idea if you might be interested in that particular field or company.

You can also feel out the manager to find out what needs the company has and perhaps figure out if you might be able to develop ways that you can fill those needs; you can be a little outside the box. Be on your best behavior because the informational interview works both ways – both sides want to learn something about the other party.

Remember to do your research before you go to the interview – you don’t want to seem uninformed. If you want more information about your job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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