Knowing Where to Search for Jobs: Look for the Hot Industries

April 5, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsLooking for a job can be a frustrating experience. Using some strategy can help you make your search more fruitful and successful. One strategy is to try to figure out where to search for jobs – this does not always mean specific cities or states. Instead, it means figuring out which industries are hiring or growing and moving forward. If you can figure that out, you can use this knowledge to focus your job search. Here are some fast growing industries, according to IBIS World.

Green & Sustainable Building Construction

There has been a significant amount of growth in the sustainable construction area even though climate change is a controversial subject for many people. The projected annual growth for this industry for the years 2012 to 2017 is 22.8%. Jobs include design and consulting services, construction services, and subcontracting services.

Social Network Game Development

This industry did not exist 10 years ago, but social networking has integrated itself in almost all aspects of our lives. As this industry continues to spread across our society, there is no doubt that it will continue to grow. The projected annual growth for 2012-2017 is 22%. Jobs in this area include software engineers, game developers, and artists.

3D Printer Manufacturing

This is another newer industry that is picking up speed. 3D printing is the creation of a three dimensional product from a digital model; the building of the printers that do this work is on an upswing. The projected annual average growth is 14% through 2017. Jobs in this industry include 3D engineers and manufacturers.

Generic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

It goes without saying that generic drugs are less expensive than brand name pharmaceuticals. As the population gets older, more people will need more medications which will undoubtedly create continued growth in this industry. The projected growth from 2012-2017 is 6.3%. Positions that may be available in this arena include marketing jobs, production managers, and sales representatives.

Online Eyeglasses & Contact Lens Sales

More and more people order their glasses and contact lenses online. The growth in this industry is projected to be 8.8% from 2012-2017. Jobs that may be available for this industry include opticians, computer programmers, and customer service representatives.

These industries will undergo significant growth moving forward which means that there may be opportunities to find positions in these industries. For more help with your job search, sign up for our Get today.

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