More People still Using Linkedin Job Search More than Other Platforms

April 1, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - linkedin job searchLinkedin is still the leading platform for job searchers, according to a survey by Bullhorn. Bullhorn surveyed 1,848 staffing professionals who discussed how they use social media when looking for job candidates. While many types of social media may be helpful in finding a job, using the linkedin job search is still a great way to find employment according to these staffing professionals.

Social Media Recruiting

According to this survey, around 98% of the staffing professionals used social media in 2012 to meet staffing needs which was up from 94% in 2011. For the 2% that did not utilize social recruiting, 29.2% said they did not know how to measure its effectiveness and 25% said that they did not know how to use it at all.

Drilling down further, 97.3% of recruiters noted that they used LinkedIn for recruiting in 2012. Other social sites gained in popularity with almost 20% finding Google Plus useful and 3.6% using Pinterest. About 93% of these recruiters stated that LinkedIn gave them applicants that they could place in jobs.

Perception versus Reality

When the professionals were polled about which social medium they planned to use the most in 2013, 82.6% replied LinkedIn while 38.3% stated Twitter. This seemed somewhat confusing since the recruiters also reported that Facebook generated better candidates than Twitter. Almost 17% of recruiters said that Facebook produced job prospects that they could place with Twitter produced candidates for only 13%. These numbers show that although Facebook is mainly a personal site, it does have some professional value. Google Plus has also become popular and very useful to recruiters in the short time that it has been in existence.

What Are the Benefits of Recruiting with Social Media?

The vast majority of recruiters (83%) say that the benefit of using social media for recruiting was the availability of passive candidates for job positions. The recruiters also say that building brand awareness, finding and developing new client leads, and filling jobs more quickly are also good reasons for using social media. Finding passive candidates has become more important for these recruiters than brand awareness or finding new clients.

LinkedIn still has distinct advantages when it comes to job searching, but other social media platforms can be helpful as well. To learn more about social media and your job hunt, sign up for our GetHired today.

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