Need Help Finding a Job? Look at the States with the Highest Job Growth

Get Hired Fast - need help finding a jobIn these tough economic times, it helps to have as much information as possible while looking for a new job. Job searching is not the same in all areas of the country – some states are enjoying a more rapid recovery from the recession than other states. Knowing which states are having higher job growth may help your choices if you need help finding a job.


The unemployment rate in Utah during February 2013 was 5.2% which was significantly lower than the national rate of 7.7%. Nonagricultural jobs in Utah grew by 4.0% between February 2012, and February 2013; the job growth for 2013 is expected to be 3.5%. High tech jobs are leading the way for job growth. Adobe just built a facility just south of Salt Lake City and plans to open two more in Utah. Microsoft, eBay, and Oracle are all expanding in the state as well.


Employment opportunities are another attraction for the state of Hawaii. The unemployment rate is 5.2% and the expected rate of job growth in 2013 is 2.7%. This state is rebounding from the recession quite nicely with an improved outlook and increased tourism to the state driving higher employment. This will lead to an increase in restaurant and hospitality-based jobs.

South Carolina

South Carolina will have its job growth directed by an increase in automotive manufacturing positions – jobs are being created both by the manufacturers that are in the state like BMW and Honda and those manufacturers in nearby states like Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and Nissan. Google and Time Warner are both looking to increase their presence as well. In February 2013, the state had an unemployment rate of 8.6% but with job growth expected at 2.5% in 2013, there should be more opportunities in the state.


Another state with a 2.5% expected job growth rate in 2013 is Colorado. Manufacturing equipment, education services, construction, and healthcare will all be growing in the state. Companies like Visa and Kaiser Permanente will be hiring additional employees and new hospital locations will require additional staff. The unemployment rate for the state during 2013 was 7.2%. This is a state to consider when looking for a new position.

Other states that are expected to have job growth rates above 2.0% in 2013 are Idaho, Florida, Texas, North Carolina, and Arizona. These states may be good places to look if you are interested in relocation.

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