Reasons to Change Your Job Search Strategies

April 30, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesIf you are tired of your job search and feel like you are not getting results, it may be time to revamp your job search strategies. There are some potential issues that may indicate that you are in a job search rut.

You Are a Rule Breaker

Hiring recruiters give you instructions for submitting job applications. However, you have decided that you will pick and choose the instructions that you plan to follow. That’s a bad decision because it makes you look bad in the manager’s eyes. If they can’t rely on you to follow simple instructions, why should they believe that you will follow instructions once you get hired? It is important to submit the information the application asks for – no more, no less. If more is needed later, rest assured, the recruiter will ask.

All Applications Are the Same

A sign of burnout is that you have one cover letter that you send to all potential positions. You don’t edit or update depending on the needs or the terms of the application. If your cover letter does not reflect the position you just applied for, the hiring manager may be able to tell. If you want a specific job, you should spend the time to craft an application for that position and not use cookie-cutter applications.

You Ignore the Requirements

Job listings have lists of qualifications that hiring managers include for a reason. HR is often screening the application to look for these criteria. If you apply for a position just because it is close to what you do or something that you can probably do, your application may end up in the round trash file. Your resume should demonstrate that you can fulfill at least three-quarters of the criteria of the job posting if you want to have a chance to sell yourself.

You Get No Replies – Ever

If you send out thoughtful, complete applications to positions that you are qualified for and you never get any replies of any kind, it is time to review your process. It may be that you are not sending out the best applications that you can or that there is a problem with your resume. Sit down and review your procedure to determine where your issue lies. If you are qualified for the positions that you are applying for, someone will contact you.

You Get Phone Replies – But Nothing Else

What if you only get screening interviews? At least you are getting initial interest you might say to yourself. That could be one way to look at it but why aren’t you closing the deal? You should revamp your phone interview skills – reschedule the cold call if you have to in order to make sure you are adequately prepared in order to put your best foot forward. This will help you get to the next interview level.

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