Some Advice to Ignore about Your Social Media Job Search

April 10, 2013

Job Hunt, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchUsing social media appropriately can make or break your job search. Social media can be very time-consuming so you want to make sure you are doing things that are efficient and avoiding efforts that may not be helpful over the long run. Here is some advice that you may get to that you should ignore about your social media job search.

Be on All the Networks

There are a large number of social media websites and it would be impossible to be active on every one. You should do your homework and figure out which networks would be the best use of your time. The best ones to start with are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; these are more geared towards connecting you with people who may help in your job quest. As new networks appear, you can flirt with them, but be open-minded and be ready to move on if they don’t serve their purpose.

Focus on Only One Network

However, don’t limit yourself to only one network. You want to have a foot in several different sites; each site has a different atmosphere. You should spend some time on a few sites to see which one works for you. Only one network limits your exposure significantly and you may miss out on a perfect contact for your dream job.

You Don’t Need a Social Media Strategy

It is well established that companies need a social media strategy, but is it true that you need one? Even though you are “only” looking for a job, you need a social media strategy to best utilize the power of social media. You should establish some goals – how many new contacts you want to make each day or week or how much content you want to get out each day. Your social media management needs to be incorporated into your daily job search; it keeps you on track with your job search.

Don’t Automate All of Your Contacts

While there are services that allow you to coordinate your social media in one place and send out tweets or posts from one place, you don’t want to rely completely on that. Social media is about the communication and the back and forth; complete automation can take away from that. Most people can tell if you are there responding or if you only want people to read your pre-written posts.

Set up a plan for your social media. If you want more help with your social media job search, sign up for our today.

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