Top Majors that May Help Me Get a Job

April 22, 2013

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Get Hired Fast - help me get a jobWhile you are in college, you should select a major that reflects your interests. However, for many people, the selection of a major reflects future job prospects as well. There are some majors that may be more likely to “help me get a job” after graduation.

Life Sciences

Life sciences include the areas of science that focus on the scientific study of living organisms like plants, animals, and humans. These majors open up employment opportunities in health care, biotechnology, and biomedical sciences. As the population ages and more medical advances are discovered, positions in the life sciences will continue to grow.

Examples of jobs that you may be able to get after obtaining a life sciences degree (with additional schooling) include physicians, dentists, pharmacologists, physical therapists, and nurses. In 2010 in the United States, there were 691,000 physician jobs, around 156,000 dental jobs, 200,000 physical therapist positions, and around 2.7 million registered nursing positions in the US. The number of positions in each of these fields is growing faster than average.

There are shortages in nursing staff and some believe that there are shortages in necessary physicians to care for the changing population. If you major in the life sciences, you may have a better chance at finding a career after graduation.


There are a number of different careers that are available for people who graduate with engineering degrees. From 2010-2020, civil engineer positions are expected to grow 19%, electrical engineer jobs by 6%, chemical engineer positions by 6%, biomedical engineers by 62%, software engineers jobs by 30%, mechanical engineer positions by 9%, and nuclear engineer positions by 10%.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies will need biomedical engineers and other companies will need software and mechanical engineers. Specializing in an engineering field can offer your multiple opportunities in the future.

Environmental Sciences

Environmental studies used to have a different connotation; however, environmental sciences can lead to jobs in the growing green sector. These positions will include biochemists (31% growth), chemists (4% growth), microbiologists (13% growth), engineers, and conservation scientists (5% growth).

This sector will continue to grow as more interest develops in green jobs and energy. These industries will also need accountants, business sales, and executives. It is definitely an area to consider. However, there will also be continued interest in traditional energy jobs as well. Positions for petroleum engineers (17% growth), geoscientists (21% growth), and other scientific jobs will be in great demand as well.

These are three majors that you should consider if you are looking for course studies that have the highest chance of employment. You may still have some postgraduate work to complete for some of these jobs but overall, these majors are solid. If you want more information about your job search, sign up for our today.

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