Using Hootsuite in Your Social Media Job Search

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchDo you have multiple social media accounts? It can be difficult to manage each of these accounts, especially if you are in the middle of a job search. Applications that allow you to organize your accounts can be extremely helpful. Hootsuite is one application that can help you get organized in your social media job search.

What Is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a dashboard that you can use to manage your social media accounts. This dashboard is web-based, but you can also get iPhone/Blackberry/Android apps for on-the-go management. Most social media platforms are compatible with Hootsuite.

Managing Your Accounts

Hootsuite has deep relationships with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. However, the platform can also work with, MySpace, FourSpace, Mixi, and Updates from each account that you are logged into are visible at once and you can create tabs for each separate account. You can also see updates in each platform as they come up.

If you want to send out one message to multiple social media platforms, you can. You can open a message box, create your message, attach images if you would like, and select which platforms you want the message sent out to. You can also schedule your posts since you shouldn’t be sitting on social media all day when you are looking for a job!

Another benefit is to be able to monitor your social media activity – you can see how many people click on the links you send out. You can also set up searches to monitor for specific terms.

How Can This Help Your Job Search?

Hootsuite can help with your job search by helping you manage your social media. It is easier to get your thoughts out and connect with people of interest across all platforms from one dashboard. You can also search for people who are tweeting or talking about topics that interest you; this is a good way to find influencers in your job area. Developing relationships with key people in your industry over social media can lead to references and potential opportunities. Hootsuite can help you make that happen.

There is a free version of Hootsuite or you can get the paid version at $5.99 a month. The paid version has some additional features, but many of the basic features are available for free. If you want more help with your social media job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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