Using Pinterest as a Part of Your Social Media Job Search

April 3, 2013

Résumé, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - social media job searchThe social media phenomenon Pinterest is a great place to post recipes and fashions, but did you know that you can use this site to step up your job search? Pinterest can be an important part of your social media job search. You can even link your Pinterest boards to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Optimize Your Profile

If you want to use Pinterest in your job search, you should first adjust your privacy settings to allow people to be able to find you on Google or Bing searches. You should add keywords to make it easier to find. Include links to your LinkedIn website as well.

Post Your Resume

With Pinterest, you have the potential to show creativity when you create a resume board. First, you can post your resume itself to a board and then spend some time making your resume eye-catching and error-free. You can also pin examples of your work on your Pinterest resume board or use visual representations of organizations you have worked with, schools you have attended, or hobbies you partake in your spare time. There is a text box that allows you to add some detail to each image and explain its importance to your professional life.

Dedicate a Board to Careers

If you are not sure what your next career step will be, you can use Pinterest to get a little jump on your search. Create boards about careers and jobs that you are interested in and pin articles to the board. This allows you keep the information on each career that interests you in one easy to find location; all you have to do is visit each board and refresh your memory.

Dedicate a Board to Companies

You can also apply the same concept to specific companies as well. Create boards about companies that you are interested in and post information about jobs, press releases, and information from their websites. It is like a one-stop information board. You can learn about the company and perhaps find data that might help you with your job search at that company.

Follow Experts

You can get job search advice by following career experts on Pinterest. There are many people like career coaching companies who have boards with advice that you can follow as well as university career offices, outplacement centers, or organizations for job searchers. You can also follow employment trends which might help you with your job search.

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