Where to Search for Jobs in Healthcare

Get Hired Fast - where to search for jobsIn this economy, it can be difficult to find a job. However, if you are in the healthcare field, you may have some good options. The healthcare field is growing across the country, but there are some cities that you may have more success looking for work. These four cities are some of the places where to search for jobs.

Denver, CO

Denver is a popular city because of the weather and proximity to mountains and great skiing. However, the US News Best Hospitals 2012-2013 list contains 11 hospitals in the Denver area; this is a significant percentage of the 30 or so hospitals in the metro area. The new Children’s Hospital will be hiring as well. Healthcare IT companies are also opening in the area; the company TriZetto just opened its headquarters in the area.

With a low cost of living and an average healthcare salary of $66,000, Denver is a good place to look at when looking for a healthcare job.

Houston, TX

Houston is home to one of the best medical centers in the world, the Texas Medical Center. This center contains numerous research and clinical hospitals and employs around 93,000 people. With a population of over six million – and growing – the healthcare sector is growing as well.

The city also has a great cost of living with Forbes ranking it number one for stretching your paycheck. The average healthcare salary in Houston is $74,000, which makes this a great place to be in healthcare.

Raleigh, NC

Part of the Research Triangle which is home to pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, Raleigh has been experiencing a population boom; by 2025, the metro area should be near 1.9 million. This averages out to a 3.5% annual population growth. Six hospitals in the area are included in the US News Best Hospitals report. The average healthcare salary in Raleigh is $68,000; Raleigh offers many opportunities in the Research Triangle or the numerous medical centers in the area.

Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is home to one of the largest teaching hospital systems in the US; 21 Philadelphia-area hospitals are included on the US News list. Philadelphia is also home to several major pharmaceutical companies like Merck, GlaxoSmith Kline, and Johnson and Johnson. The average healthcare salary is $70,000. With a reasonable cost of living, Philadelphia is another good option when looking for healthcare positions.

Other cities to consider include Baltimore, Milwaukee, and Fargo. If you want more information on finding a healthcare job, sign up for our GetHiredBootCamp.com today.

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