About Your LinkedIn.com Jobs Search: Check Your Profile

Get Hired Fast - linkedin.com jobsLinkedIn has continued to upgrade and make changes to improve your user experience. But with every change, your profile may change or some other feature may vanish. Take some time to double-check your profile and its appearance so you can make changes to ensure that your Linkedin.com job search is as fruitful as possible.

Is Your Contact Information Still There?

Contact information used to appear at the bottom of your profile in a specific section. With the new layout changes, contact information appears in a clickable icon at the bottom of the section with your picture. The icon is pretty small but if someone knows where to look, it can be found. However, make sure your information that you want is present under the icon. You make have to re-enter it.

Where are all of Your Presentations?

With the latest update, LinkedIn disabled LinkedIn apps so your slide presentations and documents have gone away. However, there are still ways to link to the important content that you want future employers to see to your LinkedIn profile. You may want to add a URL to your blog or YouTube page to your profile; the information is not housed on the LinkedIn servers, but it is still easy to find. There are also different websites like box.net or Behance that allow you to upload your information and then place the link on the website.

Check Your Privacy Settings

Make sure your privacy settings are what you intended. You don’t want potential employers to visit your profile and see a list of other names of people that have similar attributes (from the “People Also Viewed” section). You also need to make sure you can receive InMails; someone may be trying to get in contact with you.

What is Your Activity Setting?

Some people have a constant stream of updates about who they are following, blog posts, and status changes in the activity section. But if you have a lot going on in that section, it pushes all of your other information further down. You may not care or you may want to have your summary and experience viewable on the first screen. You can adjust what shows up on your activity section – you can also turn it off or make it been seen by only you. Look at your profile and decide what works for you.

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