Boosting Your Career Job Search through Job Fairs

May 9, 2013

Job Fair, Job Hunt

Get Hired Fast - career job searchAt one point, job fairs – a gathering where employers and recruiters can meet with prospective employees – were very popular. However, with the advent of online communities and job boards, it may seem that these meetings are now obsolete. But if you are in the midst of a job search, you should not ignore opportunities to network. Job fairs can positively affect your career job search.

Who Does a Job Fair Benefit?

People who plan ahead get the most benefit from a job fair. If you do your research, you can gain a lot of information at these events. You need to know which companies are going to be attending the fair and what specific positions the employers will be looking to fill. Determine which questions you will want to ask and make sure you have several copies of your resume ready to hand out. Going early may also be beneficial when there may be fewer people and you may have a better chance to spend time speaking with the companies that you are most interested in.

How do You Find a Job Fair?

Since job fairs are not as common as they were in the past, you may have to search a bit to find one. There are websites that list job fairs across the country like and Many states have fair information on their government websites and specific industries may schedule opportunities to interview groups of people – especially near graduation season. Veterans can find opportunities to look for careers after leaving the military; has listings for events for former military and their spouses to help them transition to non-military life and find jobs.

Look for an Online Job Fair

You may be able to attend a job fair without leaving your house. Online job fairs have become very popular. As the Internet is such a vital part of almost everyone’s job search, it is only expected that job fairs would incorporate the technology as well. These events are similar to in-person job fairs, but they do allow you to attend from anywhere. You can apply on the spot or you can schedule a time to chat online with representatives for the companies that you are interested in. This gives you a chance to meet with companies no matter where you live; it also gives the company a chance to meet with potential employees across the country that they may not otherwise have been able to interview. Some places you can find information about online job fairs include,, and

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