Career and Job Search Resume Tips for Veterans

Get Hired Fast - career and job searchOnce you leave the military, it may be challenging to enter the civilian workforce. Although many of the jobs that you worked on while on active duty translate to job positions outside of the military, civilian companies may not know this. Veterans may benefit from some resume advice to be successful in their career and job search.

Figure Out Your Strengths

Before you can expect a company to understand what skills and abilities you learned in the military, you have to sit down and figure this out for yourself. Take some time to figure out how your military career relates to civilian industry before you write your resume. For instance, take the skills or the functions that you performed in the military and find the marketable skills in them. Many veterans have leadership skills, the ability to pay attention to detail, and the ability to work under a deadline and under pressure.

Clarify Your Experience

First, civilians – and civilian computers – may not understand military lingo, so you have to translate your experience. The jobs in the military may have different names but the functions may be the same. Learn the “lay” terms for what you have been doing so you can put that on your resume or can tell the recruiter about your history. Include your different experiences under your technical, interpersonal, and leadership headings in your resume.

You also may have to explain about the hierarchy in the military. There may be some confusion about your position, how much responsibility you have handled in the past, and how much you are capable of handling. While you may end up taking a position with less responsibility, you may be able to earn promotions relatively quickly.

Leave Out Some Details

If you saw active combat, you should not elaborate about many details from actual battle. While some of the activities you performed while in combat may need to be included under your listing of experiences, you should not add in much about the horrors of war on your resume.

Take it on a Test Drive

As with other resume writers, it may be difficult to tell if the format that you have settled on is attracting recruiters. Keep track of your resume response rate. If you are not getting much interest, you may need to tweak parts of your resume to improve your response rate.

You can get help writing your resume as well. For more resume tips, you can sign up for our today.

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