Considering a Professional Career Change? Here are some Career Alternatives

Get Hired Fast - professional career changeIt is possible to change careers. You may be afraid of making the switch but don’t be because it is doable. Even if you have spent many years training or working in one specific field, there are possibilities for you to make a professional career change.

Information Technology

If you have been working in information technology, there are some career options that will allow you to use your IT skills. You can become a high school teacher with a median salary of $53,230 per year. You could become a programmer and start writing code yourself; this could bring a median salary of $71,380. Another option is entering management (median salary $108,570). With an IT background, there are several career paths that you can explore.


If you decide that you don’t want to continue your current role as an attorney, there are other ways you can use your legal experiences without practicing. You can become a mediator (median salary $77,200) to help resolve disputes between two parties. You can become a legal writer ($22,700), lobbyist ($69,360), or law librarian ($53,786) as well. There may be opportunities for you to become an on-air personality – either as an expert commentator or as a host.


Although many doctors’ training was very specialized, there are still career options that allow you to use your medical knowledge while not actually practicing. You can become a medical director ($223,019) with an insurance company to help make treatment decisions. Other doctors work for medical education companies to develop education for other doctors. Another option is physician management; the median salary for this position is $82,459 but it can be double that as well. It has become more acceptable for a physician to look for other alternatives to the traditional practice.


If you are exhausted and have completed your last tax return, you can look for option so that you can transfer your accounting skills into other professions. You can enter either insurance ($46,770) or the financial planning industries ($64,750). Another option is to enter technical compliance ($64,960) or risk management ($118,191). You should look for opportunities to use your love of numbers and organized nature.


Many teachers may decide that expand their options and leave the classroom. Choices for teachers include journalist ($34,059), writer ($43,405), scientific researcher ($68,556), or curriculum specialist ($63,268). Some teachers may still enjoy educating young people but not like the constraints of the job so they become tutors ($32,107). All of these positions have the possibility for higher salary depending on what you charge and how many hours you work.

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