Focusing Your Careers Job Search: Best Cities for Young People to Find a Job

Get Hired Fast - careers job searchWhen you graduate from college, your first job search may feel overwhelming – there are so many issues to consider like location, career path, and so on. There are some cities that may be better for your careers job search when you are first starting out. Here are a few cities to investigate when you are first looking for a job.

Austin, TX

Texas has been doing well in the area of job growth during the economic recovery and Austin is one of the cities that has benefited from the statewide trend. The unemployment rate in Match 2013 was 5.3% so there are job opportunities available – especially for the entry level employee. The cost of living and tax burden in Austin is also among the lowest of major cities in the country. The median salary of Austin employees is around $40,000. Austin is also well-known for its entertainment options with music and movie festivals throughout the year.

San Antonio, TX

Another city in Texas that may be a good option for new graduates is San Antonio. San Antonio’s unemployment rate in March 2013 was 6.2%; there are opportunities in the education, health care, and service sectors. The median salary for jobs in San Antonio is around $45,000. The cost of living in this area is also reasonable. San Antonio also has a vibrant social life with attractions like River Walk and SeaWorld.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City might a good place to start your career. The unemployment rate was a very low 4.5% in March 2013. As home to one of the largest industrial banking centers, Salt Lake City also has had growth in health care, information technology, and tourism positions.  The median salary for this city is $52,312. Another good thing about Salt Lake City is the low commute time!

Oklahoma City, OK

The unemployment rate for this growing city was 4.6% in March 2013. The median salary for Oklahoma City is $43,200 and there are numerous opportunities in natural resources, mining, and construction as well as the hospitality sector. The commute time is pretty low here as well; the cost of living is also very reasonable.

Other good entry-level cities include the Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Area, NC, Seattle, WA, Rochester, NY, and Honolulu, HI.

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