Improving Your Jobs Search: LinkedIn Groups

Get Hired Fast - jobsJoining LinkedIn groups can be very helpful when you use LinkedIn. There are hundreds to pick from and they cover a range of interests and professional groups. But once you join a group, what should you do to get the most out of your membership? What steps do you need to take to incorporate groups into your jobs search?

Introduce Yourself

When you first join a group, you should make an effort to introduce yourself. You don’t have to say that you are looking for a job but mention something like you are looking forward to having useful dialogues with other members in the future.


Actively asking and answering questions in your group show potential employers that you are able to have intelligent conversations in your area of interest. You also have to be respectful and courteous to others as well. It leaves a good impression.

Post Links

If you have read an article that you think would be of interest to the group, you should post a link. Make sure it has not been already posted – read the earlier posts! You also don’t want to only post links without ever adding to the ongoing conversation so be judicious about link posting.

Expand Your Reach

Make an effort to reach out to people of influence or interest in a group. Having conversations with them lets them know who you are; remember the conversations have to be topical and relevant though – don’t just try to force conversation. Once you have some contact, you are better able to add more people who may be able to help you in your job search to your network.

Pay it Forward

If you hear about a job that isn’t appropriate for you, you can post information about it in the group. Check with your group rules to make sure that this kind of posting is OK – you don’t want to get banned for disregarding the rules.

Start a Group?

Is there a specific idea that you want to focus a new group on? You can start a new group on LinkedIn; this could look good to an employer that you took the initiative. As the group manager, you have control over how the group functions; if you can keep it interesting and vibrant, it’s more points for you.

If you want more help with your LinkedIn groups, sign up for our today.

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