Job Search Strategies: Managing Your Career Plan

May 1, 2013

Changing Careers, Goals

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesFor most people, once we get a job, we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about our career trajectory unless we lose a job and have to look for another one. However, reviewing your career plan is something that we should do more aggressively – even if we are not in the middle of a job search. It will benefit your job search strategies significantly to have a plan or an idea of what you want to do with your career in the future.

How Often Should You Review Your Career Plan?

You do other important things every year, but don’t revisit your career plans unless you have to. It probably is a good idea to spend some time each year looking at your plans and goals and figuring out where you want to go. If you are planning on a career change, you may want to do it more often.

What Do You Like to Do and What are You Good At?

Your likes and dislikes may change as you get older so you should take some time to review how you have evolved in your career. There may be aspects of your job that you dislike and other activities that you wish you could incorporate more into your day-to-day activities. Do your new likes cause you to want a new type of position? Or can you work with you current job to include the things you like to do or are good at? You may be able to make some changes that would lead to a more enjoyable work day.

Do You have Transferrable Skills?

Most jobs have specific activities that are associated with the job title but when you look at what you do each day, you find that you have more skills that you use on a regular basis. Would you be able to use these skills in another profession? Contemplating other ways to use your skills gives you ideas about where your career can go next; if you have to look for a job quickly, you will already have some suggestions about your next step.

Review Job Trends

You should always take a look at the status of your career and any other career that you may be considering. If there are very few people in that career because the industry is struggling, you may want to expand or change your career plans.

Identify Your Career Goals

What do you want to do? Where do you want to end up? Create your plan incorporating your goals and how you plan to get there. Make short-term and long-term plans; these are what you will be reviewing each year to see where you are and what your next steps are.

Do You Need More Training?

To get to your career goals, will you need more training? If so, you should work to obtain the necessary training so you can advance through your career plan. There is no time like the present.

If you are at a dead end, career planning becomes more important. Put effort into developing a career plan and you will have a better shot at having a fulfilling and successful career. If you want more help with your career plan, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.a

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