LinkedIn Contacts: Another Addition to Your Job Search Strategies

May 6, 2013

LinkedIn, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - job search strategiesIt appears that LinkedIn is regularly adding new features to help with the functionality of the website. One of the new additions is LinkedIn contacts. It is not yet available to everyone, but here are some of the features that will be available soon to help you in your job search strategies.

Keep all Your Contacts in One Place

This tool works like your own personal assistant; it gathers all of your information from your address books, emails, and calendars in one place and keeps them up-to-date. From all of this information, it can populate your contact profiles. This app can also include other information like past conversations and previous meetings in the profile. Contacts will not pull information from Twitter or Facebook; this application focuses on your professional contacts only.

Remember to Keep in Touch

This app can also help you better utilize the contacts that you do have during your job search. The application “Contacts” sends you an alert or an email to let you know about job changes, birthdays, or other opportunities to get in touch with a contact. You will also be able to create reminders for specific events or dates that you may want to contact someone.

In conjunction with TripIt, you can also get reminders to contact someone when you reach their neck of the woods. To make it more convenient, you can contact the person directly through either the desktop version or the app itself. Each communication may give you a chance to improve your relationship so that the person remembers you at a crucial time.

Mobile Application Means Portability

LinkedIn Contacts will be available as an app for the iPhone so you can download it and keep up with your colleagues on the go. You will still be able to access the service through the website as well.

Are you interested in trying this service when it becomes available? Sign up for the waiting list here so you can get your email invitation. LinkedIn has been updating their offerings and this has the potential to be incredibly useful for networking.

If you want more information on using LinkedIn for your job search, sign up for our today.

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