Looking for Employment? How to Get a Job in the Tech Field without a Degree

May 24, 2013

Changing Careers, Goals

Get Hired Fast - looking for employmentLooking for employment in the technology sector can be challenging if you don’t have a degree. Transitioning into this field requires some planning and active work. With some fortitude and a bit of ingenuity, you can end up in the tech job of your dreams.

Learn Some Code

Although you may not have a technology degree, it does not mean that you should not learn about technology – especially since you want to make a career out of it. You need to learn some code first. You can take a course – either online or through a brick-and-mortar school. You can also purchase a book to teach yourself the basics. Join a user group so that you can learn from other tech people – you can ask questions and get some support.

Look Inside Your Own Company

The job you have may be the key to getting you into the field of technology. Does your present company have an IT department? If not, there may be some opportunities for you there. Almost all companies have some technological needs like social media or Web presence; you can find ways to contribute to these parts in the company and gain valuable experience. When you are ready to make the move to a tech company, you can put this experience on your resume and tell your future employer about your successes.

Do Volunteer Work

You can develop your skills in technology through volunteer work. Many non-profit organizations could use someone who can help with the technological needs of the group without pay. This may give you some leeway as well. You may be able to experiment a bit by using different forms of code or writing programs to perform different duties. You may be able to build a team or even take a leadership or managerial type role

Become a Thought Leader

You don’t have to wait to become a leader in technology. You should start asking questions and offering answers to others as you educate yourself about technology and gain experience. Participating in user lists and groups can help you become a thought leader in the industry. You can also establish your status in-person at conferences or on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

By educating yourself and using the opportunities in front of you to gain experience, you can put yourself in a position to get a job in technology. For more information about your job search, you can sign up for our GetHiredBootCamp.com today.

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