Need Help Finding a Job? Help Someone Else Find One

May 7, 2013

Networking, Social Media

Get Hired Fast - need help finding a jobLooking for a job can be stressful and unpleasant; you may feel like you are alone in the world. You may say there has to be some way to help bring your spirits up or improve your outlook while looking for your next position. Some people suggest offering a little help to others if you need help finding a job; it may revitalize your search and may improve your own job search “karma.”

Network with Other Job Searchers

Although it might seem counter-intuitive to do so, you should reach out to other job searchers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and in your everyday life. You will find other people who are in your situation; you can share stories about each person’s specific job search. This simple collaboration may help the people that you are talking to figure out what does or does not work during a job search.

Connect People Who You Think Should Know Each Other

Look at your LinkedIn contact list. Are there people on your list who you thin should know each other – maybe able to help each other? You can be the middle man and introduce each other through email; in the email, you should mention why you think they should connect.

Toss around Ideas

Brainstorming about ways to get the attention of hiring managers or finding jobs in the hidden market may also be a good way to help others during a job search. Discussing imaginative ways to get noticed may give someone a new idea to move their personal job search forward or to look for a new position. It may also help you think of new methods as well.

Pass On Information

Do you know about a job that is not right for you? Pass on the information to your network of fellow job seekers. Or if you know of one person in particular that a position may be suitable for, you can tell them about. Either way, you can help a colleague and when he or she hears about a position that might be right for you, they may be more likely to pass the information on.

Be Supportive

As you know, the job search process can be discouraging and can destroy your self-esteem. Be encouraging and offer words of support to others. You never know – someone may return the favor on a day when you are feeling especially low.

Job searches can also make you very self-involved and that’s understandable. However, giving a helping hand to others while you are looking for a new position can improve your outlook and may pay dividends in the future. If you want more information on improving your job search, sign up for our Get Hired Boot Camp today.

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