Need to Find Employment? Best Second Careers for Mid-Career Workers

Get Hired Fast - find employmentOnce you have been laid off, looking for another job in your 40s or 50s can be challenging to say the least. You may feel as if opportunities may be limited for someone of your experience and skill set. However, there may be other chances for you to get a new job. You may be able to find employment in one of these second careers.

Nonprofit Executive

This job will allow you to use your management experience while embracing a more charitable goal. The median salary for this position is $60,045 with a range of $35,451-$107,503, according to

Public School Teacher

You can pass on your experience and knowledge to the younger generation as a teacher. You may need some additional certification, but your previous education and work experience may be able to eliminate some of those requirements. The median salary for a public school teacher is $51,299.

Real Estate Appraiser

This job requires a significant amount of time out in the field assessing the value of buildings and property. You would need to get some additional certification and work experience in order to get licensed or certified.  The median pay for this position is $48,500, according to BLS.


If you have a college education and an ability to persuade, you can look for work as a lobbyist. Most lobbyists work out of DC, but there are lobbyists in every state – especially around the state capital. Although salary can vary, the median salary for a lobbyist is $100,484 according to

Home Care Nurse

If you have a nursing degree of any type, you can transfer those skills to caring for people in their home. The median salary for a home health registered nurse is $69,940; home health aides make an average of $21,830 per year.

Floral Designer

If you have always had an artistic bent, you could look for a position as a floral designer supplying floral arrangements for weddings, parties, and other occasions. There are classes that you can take to get started, but many people train by working with experienced designers. The median salary for this position is $23,610; however, there are opportunities to increase that by working more events.

Financial Examiner

If you are good with numbers, very organized, and have worked in finance, you could also find work as a financial examiner. You may need some additional accounting coursework, but you can often get experience on the job. The salary for this position averages $74,940, according to BLS.

There are a number of jobs that you can look at if you want to transition to a second career. You can look at other opportunities in your present field or you can go in a completely different direction. For more job search tips, you can sign up for our today.

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