Resume Tips for Parents who are Returning to Work

Get Hired Fast - resume tipsIf you have taken some time off from your career to care for your family, it may be somewhat challenging to re-enter the workforce at a later time. You often have to convince future employers to give you a chance to show them what you can do. The resume for a parent re-entering the workforce may need to be structured a little differently than other resumes. Here are some resume tips to make your resume shine.

Format According to Skills

Since you took some time off from work, there will be gaps in your resume timeline. Using a chronological format for your resume may not be appropriate because it would highlight your gaps in employment. You should use a functional or skills-based format. In this format, you would list your skills in bullet form; after that, you would add a bulleted list of your achievements – but leave off the dates. You still would include a list of your work experience but that would be further down on the page. This gives you a chance to grab the attention of the recruiter with your skills and achievements before they can make a snap judgment about your time away.

Emphasize Your Experiences

Often when you are a stay-at-home parent, you do participate in other activities that may come in handy when you are applying for a job. You should include information about any volunteer work, charity work, PTA, or community service projects that you were involved in during your time away. You may have also completed some freelance work or worked part-time which could be very attractive to future employers. Volunteer, freelance, or part-time work can also be added to your resume to fill-in some of the employment gaps as well.

Mention Additional Training

Your resume should also show how you kept abreast of changes and updates in your area of experience by taking seminars, courses, or obtaining further degrees. If you have kept your professional memberships or licenses active, you should include that on your resume. If your industry utilizes technology or computer programs, you should make note of any recent training you have had to keep yourself up-to-date.

You should be honest about what you were doing during your time away but using these tips, you can improve your chances of getting your resume read. For more tips to help you re-enter the workforce, you should sign up for our today.

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